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Idea Lab

The Food 4 Thought Festival is committed to supporting student initiatives through our six levels of change. Through our "Community Building" level, we strive to build inclusive communities and harness the power of student collaboration to maximize our collective impact across universities. Through our “Knowledge Dissemination” level, we strive to disseminate takeaways from discussions to various stakeholders within the food system as well as to influence change on a personal level through informal social networks.

With our Idea Lab, we plan to seed new ideas that harness the power of student collaboration in order to disseminate knowledge and change to a wider audience. We will do this by posing questions that tackle the intractable problems within our food system. From there, we will encourage participants to think on their feet in brainstorming ideas and pitching solutions to a wider audience. Our goal is to catalyze new inter-university and inter-country relationships to build a strong ecosystem of passionate students. 

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