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Career Networking

The Food 4 Thought Festival is committed to supporting student initiatives through our six levels of change. Through our "Career Development" level, we want to establish and enable connections between the student talent pipeline and existing companies, nonprofit organizations, and governments working on future food issues. The overarching Career Development will be divided into four parts: the Career Fair, Career Advising, Career Matching, and Mentorship Program.


Career Fair

The Career Fair will function like a traditional career fair. We have invited various organizations and representatives to host a table where they will highlight the career opportunities that their organization provides. It will cover a wide range of groups including advocacy organizations, alt protein companies, food vendors, non-profits, think tanks, policy action centers, etc. We aim to have 20+ organizations participating in the fair, covering a wide variety of different career avenues!


Career Advising

Career advising chats will occur concurrently with the career fair. These smaller pop-up tables will feature professional development advice. This portion of the festival will be led by Alt Protein Careers, an organization dedicated to providing career resources, job postings, and recruiting services to the alt protein industry.

In addition to the expertise from Alt Protein Careers, there will be other stations focused on more general job-related advice and development: i.e. crafting your resume, letters of recommendation, and a headshot photo booth. 


Mentorship Program

*Forms will be due 4/2/24*

The Mentorship Program is a way to facilitate long-lasting relationships with the future food industry. Prior to the festival mentors will be matched with mentees based on shared interests, professions, etc. We will carve out time at the festival where mentors and mentees will be encouraged to connect in-person for 1:1 advice. After the event, we will encourage mentors to maintain in close communication. 

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